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Rules and Regulations

Eligibility for admission:-

Admission is open to any senior citizen (minimum 60 years of age) of Indian Origin, (irrespective of religion, caste, Creed and colour) subject to general fitness, for the applicant will be required to submit the test reports of the test advised.


  • all the person desirous of becoming inmate of the old age home are to apply on a prescribed form along with declaration and an affidavit on the stamp paper agreeing to abide by the regulations of oldage home.
  • any person desirous of becoming an inmate of Sandhyaneed old age home will be admitted on approval of board of trustees of old age home.
  • The mode of admission will be in accordance with the assessment reached by the authorities on the basis of interactions with applicant.
  • Admission to the old age home will be provisional for the initial period of 90 days. The management will confirm admission after 90 days of living, if found suitable.
  • the applicants should also furnish to the satisfaction of authority at the time of interaction with authorities, the following documents in original;-
  1. proof of age
  2. proof of address
  3. test report of the test as advice
  4. The name, surname, family name, full address and contact telephone numbers, mobile numbers of his/her near relative and applicant’s relationship with such person.
  5. detail of applicant’s spouse including his/her name, surname, family name, full address and contact telephone numbers, mobile numbers etc, if the applicant is married

NOTE:- the monthly charges once deposited will not be refunded even if the occupant is on leave for whole month or some days

Ineligibility of admission:-

Senior citizens who are suffering from infectious or mental disease, or physically incapacitated/ bedridden or involved in any criminal cases or offences or addicted to liquor or psychotropic substances, drug etc. are not eligible for admission.


  • If any occupant wants to withdraw his registration from oldage home, the application caption for the same is to be given to the old age home management before 15 days of leaving date. The security money will be released after 15 days of leaving date. The No Due certificate must be submitted by the Resident at the time of getting security amount.
  • The authorities of the old age home may refuse admission to any applicant whose character or antecedents are not satisfactory or for any other reason for which authorities deem fit.
  • Any inmate who has obtained admission by means of false representation of any kind or who may be found indulged in indiscipline / misconduct shall be dismissed from the oldage home.
  • No inmate will be readmitted one he or she is dismissed/ sent away from the old age home. The decision of Sultanate old age home trustees shall be final and binding upon the applicant.
  • If inmate couple would be found engaged in frequent quarrels then they may be asked to leave old age home.
  • if after admissions in old age home inmate become incapable of doing daily routine activities by himself or herself, in such case family members will be bound to take them from old age home, otherwise he or she will be dropped at the family member’s house by employees of old age home.
  • Residents going out for any reason, will have to take permission from the office and will have to return back by 9 p.m. if norms are not followed by residence, action can be taken against him or her.
  • If occupant does not deposit the fee at stipulated time, then she will be given one month notice. If the occupant still fails to deposit the free within the notice period then he/she will be asked to leave the old age home. The dues, if any will be recovered from the security deposit.

Note :- Sandhyaneed Manviya Seva Samiti has absolute power/ rights to amend rules/regulations, room charges from time to time and can add/ withdraw any such kind of facilities as promised at the time of registration.

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