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Frequently Asked Questions



Q.1   Are there any visiting hours?

Ans.:   Visitors and family members of residents can visit oldage home anytime between 9 am to 5 pm.

Q.2   What are the basic amenities provided in the room?

Ans.:   Each resident has a room with a private washroom as well as a private or shared balcony. Each room is furnished with bed and side tables, an easy chair and a stool, a study table. Additionally there is a LED TV with private cable connection, wardrobe, air conditioning/cooler, intercom facility.

Q.3   Are family members allowed to stay overnight with the resident?

Ans.: Guests can stay in the guest house on payment of Rs. 1000/- per day (for one person). For food they have to pay extra per person per meal as decided by the mess committee. The guests are required to deposit a photocopy of their I.D.

Q.4   How is electricity usage billed?

Ans.: Residents are provided with free 50 units of electricity per month, charges of extra units consumption is borne by resident only.

Q.5   What and how are other facilities made available?

Ans.: Laundry and barber services are available on demand of resident and charges of which are borne by resident only.

Q.6   What are your norms in case of death of inmate?

Ans.: In case of death, the guardians will be informed and the body will be handed over to them. If the occupant does not have any guardian then in that condition the funeral will be carried out as per the declaration done by the occupant at the time of registration.

Q.7   How much charges i have to pay if i go an long leave and retain the room.

Ans.: The inmate has to pay the room rent only and no food charges will be levied provided long leave is more than one month in a stretch.

Q.8   What does Sandhyaneed oldage home care include?

Ans. Our care includes:

  • Emergency medical response procedures
  • Medication management
  • Home-cooked nutritious meals keeping individual restrictions/requirements in mind
  • Daily activities including music/games and social events, prayer in temple.

Q.9   What are the types of activities planned at Sandhyaneed oldage home?

Ans.: The activities are planned depending on each person’s abilities. In general, we engage residents in:

  • Volunteer visit
  • Move screenings
  • Group lunches and celebrations
  • Outings (Both group and individual)


Q.10 What arrangements are done in case of illness of inmate?

Ans.: In case anybody wants to call doctor from outside, charges are to be paid by himself/herself. Ambulance on call will be available on paid basis. However a four wheeler is parked in premise itself for emergency use, inmate will be taken to the nearest hospital.

Q.11 Can I personalize the room and bring my own furniture?

Ans.: Bringing in your stuffs and personalizing your space is only allowed after permission of management.

Q.12 Is attendant / care taker facility available and what are charges of the same?

Ans.: Attendant / care taker is to be arranged by the inmate only. The charges of attendant / care taker will be same as of resident.


Q.1  What kind of food you provide?

Ans.: The food is customized as per requirement and medical restriction of the resident. We serve regular Indian meals and it includes snacks, fruits, beverages, desserts, food festivals, special celebrations etc.

Q.2   What special meals are billed/

Ans.: Any particular food/fruit/juices procured specifically for a resident (as a personal choice or because it is prescribed) outside of the regular menu is billed. Please note that we do quite a lot of customization in the menu since each resident has specific needs (and this is not billed) but for eg if someone needs a specific fruit everyday then that is charged extra.

Q.3   Can I get my personal favourite brand of food items to be cooked at dining hall?

Ans.: Standard branded food items are used for cooking, personal favourite brands cannot be entertained.

Q.4   Are there any prohibited food or drinking items in the campus?

Ans.: Non-Veg, alcoholic drinks or intoxicant of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Q.5   Can my visitors have food in dining hall?

Ans.: Occupants can entertain their guest with tea, breakfast and meal by paying charges. Services will be available at scheduled time only in common dining hall.

Q.6   Can I do cooking in my room?

Ans.: No cooking is allowed in rooms. However you can use electric kettle to make your tea. No gas cooking oven is allowed.

Q.7   Can I place my personal refrigerator in my room?

Ans.: Yes you can have a mini refrigerator of your own in the room.

Q.8   Can I use electric room heater in winters?

Ans.: Yes, you can use it provided it is a blower or an oil heater.

Q.9   Can I do cooking in the common kitchen?

Ans.: Normally we do not allow individual cooking in the common kitchen.

Q.10 Can I do gardening as a hobby?

Ans.: Yes, you can provided the garden doesn’t get disturbed.

Q.11 Do you serve meals in the room?

Ans.: No, one has to come to common dining hall only for all the meals. However if the inmate is seek then only meals will be served in room.                         

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